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Discovery the beauty in flight...

NoDelay Reviews

“My son and I went on a day flight with Natalie and it was a memory that he will never forget. He got to sit in the front seat and what a time he had. Natalie was not only extremely kind and professional, but she also made my son feel like a pilot. The airplane was very clean and obviously well maintained. If anyone is interested in a beautiful flight and a blue-chip experience, this is definitely a place that can provide that.”


“Amazing experience flying in a small plane for the first time. You truly can see and feel everything! I wish I had taken such an opportunity years ago as I definitely would have gotten my pilot’s license. Natalie is very safety conscious and made me feel secure at all times. I highly recommend NODELAY!”

John B.

“I got my husband the Discovery Flight on our honeymoon. He has always loved planes and has done all the simulators- so he was beyond excited to actually fly a plane!!! Natalie was fantastic to work with and an amazing instructor. Rodney was able to spend about half of the flight controlling the plane. He absolutely loved it. If we were locals we would for sure come back again. We loved NODELAY and Natalie!!”


“My grandson(s) enjoyed their flight immensely. Jakob, their pilot, made sure their experience was a memorable one.”


“My husband absolutely loved this experience! He had great conversations with the instructor and has discussed going back for some additional training for his license!”


“Both the instructor and the owner were incredibly patient and kind, leading to a steady feeling of comfort and calm. The flight itself was very well structured, with a little room for some self exploration as well. Over all, an amazing trip and a great staff to go with it.”


Most popular packages

Discovery Flight

Dreaming of learning to fly? Come up for a discovery flight with one of our flight instructors to catch a glimpse into the world of flight. We will demonstrate normal maneuvers along a scenic route around the valley.

Special Price $200

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Checkout flight

Receive training from one of our approved instructors to familiarize yourself with the aircraft/airport. Specifics of mountain flying will be covered. Includes a 1-hour flight and 1-hour ground. Required if logged less than 5 hours PIC time in Make & Model.

$155/Hour + Fuel

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Flight Review

Need to get recurrent? Meet with one of our certified flight instructors and satisfactorily complete a review in accordance with CFR § 61.56. Includes a 1-hour flight and 1-hour ground. Receive a logbook endorsement and get back to it!


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Discovery the beauty in flight

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