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our story

In order to begin flight training, I borrowed money from my grandfather. When I was a little girl, he called me Noodle, short for Noodlie—a play on my first name, Natalie. It stuck through the years and when I started flying, I heard it again on the radio. While awaiting a takeoff clearance, the controller advised along with the magic words, “cleared for takeoff—no delay,”. In those words, I heard my nickname. I also drew a deeper sense of purpose from their meaning.

“No Delay” is an instruction given to aircraft by air traffic controllers which means to follow instructions expeditiously, specifically, and safely. It is the philosophy on which I built my business and my career as a pilot. Now, NODELAY exists as an opportunity for you to realize your own dreams. Come fly with us and learn that there is no limit to what you can accomplish when you follow your heart.

Our mission…

is to empower people to pursue the beauty of their dreams by offering affordable, personalized flight training and flying experiences.

Our vision…                                                      

is that our work will make private flying safer and more accessible to all.


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This is my passion

I am an ASEL/AMEL instrument-rated commercial pilot, CFI(I) and the owner of Climb 250.

After two years and tens of thousands of dollars spent on flight training, I decided there had to be a better way. In 2020, I bought a Cessna 150 to keep flying and decided to share my solution with all people who dream of flying, from student pilots to newly certified time-builders to seasoned professionals looking to get back into general aviation and have some fun with it.

I invite you to come fly with me at NODELAY, where I offer a simple, affordable, and fun approach to flying, whatever your goals may be.

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